Eastern College Athletic Conference
Matrix Corporate Center
39 Old Ridgebury Road
Danbury, Connecticut 06810

Fax: 508-689-9748


Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Kevin T. McGinniss Commissioner (508) 762-1172 kmcginniss@ecac.org
Steve Bamford Special Assistant to the Commissioner (508) 737-1088 sbamford@ecac.org
Ronnie Nunn Associate Commissioner for Officiating rnunn@ecac.org
Ben Layton Associate Commissioner for Programs & Services (508) 762-1333 blayton@ecac.org
Drew Brown Associate Commissioner for External Affairs (508) 689-9748 dbrown@ecac.org
Katie Hartman Boldvich Assistant Commissioner for Leagues and Affiliates/SWA (508) 858-5491 kboldvich@ecac.org
Owen Salvestrini Assistant Commissioner for Administration (508) 689-7603 osalvestrini@ecac.org
Ben Rosenfeld Executive Director of Sport Administration (508) 689-9753 brosenfeld@ecac.org
Gary Caldwell Director of Rowing (857) 257-3728 gcaldwell@ecac.org
Mackenzie Larsen Coordinator of Sport Administration - Officiating (508) 640-7896 mlarsen@ecac.org
Stephanie Scarpato Coordinator of Sport Administration for Leagues, Affiliates & Championships (508) 743-7037 sscarpato@ecac.org
Jessica Caron Coordinator of Sport Administration for Marketing, Communications & Special Events jcaron@ecac.org
Paul Galop Special Advisor to the Commissioner


Name Title Phone Email
Rob Healey Director of Baseball Umpiring
Steve Rossetti Assistant Administrator for Officiating/ Field Director of Soccer (603) 225-0096 srossetti@ecac.org
Larry Last Field Director of Basketball Officials (781) 724-4433 lnlast@comcast.net
Bill Ward Field Director of Football Officials (978) 549-5325 bward@ecac.org